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 What would you do for the woman you love?

 One great love. Two horrible mistakes.
Do second chances really exist?

Dru Rae gave up everything to get away from her mafioso family. She disappeared with hopes they’d never find her. All she wanted was a quiet life with a few friends and the woman she knew in her heart was out there.


Marina Summit was an uber successful realtor in a thriving housing market. She gave someone two dates, if there wasn’t a spark then she moved on. Besides, she was too busy for love.


As a house stager on the first day of her new job, Dru was waiting to meet the realtor for a final walk through.


Marina was set to approve a new listing when she went to check on the house staging. She wasn’t prepared for what happened to her heart when she saw the woman at the top of the stairs.


Get your copy of The Woman at the Top of the Stairs and come along on a journey of passion and discovering what you would do for the woman you love.

Victoria Stratton tried to heal her broken heart by working. When she was focused on saving her father’s legacy she couldn’t think about Shelby Kimball. She knew it was too much to ask when suddenly five years ago Victoria’s father sent her to Japan to save the company. Shelby wouldn’t come with her, but now, she was coming home and prepared to do whatever it took to get another chance with Shelby.


It had been five long years since the love of Shelby Kimball’s life left for Japan without her. Five years of questioning why Shelby didn’t go with her. What she would give for a do over.


Out of the blue Victoria appears and asks Shelby to do the strangest thing: “Would you climb a mountain with me?”


Was this the second chance Shelby hoped for? Could they figure out what went wrong and do it right this time? Could they really climb this mountain and come back down together?


Find out if The Woman Who Climbed A Mountain gets her second chance at her one great love.

The Lovers Landing Series

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