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Krista Kyle knew how hard it was to be a closeted lesbian in Hollywood. Unfortunately being out and proud could affect your career. But after twenty years as an award winning actress Krista was able to be her authentic self in a world where being someone else was the norm.

With an opportunity to buy a lake resort with her best friend, Krista creates a safe place where those that weren’t yet ready to live openly in public can come with their partners and girlfriends and be themselves.

When a sleazy journalist, known for outing people, finds out about the hideaway Krista offers to show her what the resort really means and uncovers a secret that changes them both.

This is the first book in the Lovers Landing Series where celebrities find their true love in the most unlikely people.

At a Texas lake resort, swimming in romance, an enemy ice queen thaws right into her Hollywood happy ending.


Frankie, Desi, and Stella are three best friends that own Your Way, a fitness center that stresses body positivity and fun.

In Finding Home Frankie finds her happily-ever-after with Olivia.

Book Two is Finding Family which features Desi getting her heart stolen in a unique chance meeting with Erin.

Book Three is Finding Forever, Stella is a widow and thinks she's had her chance at forever until the most unlikely friend captures her heart.

You'll love all the characters and their families and friends.

Jump into Your Way and find romance, love and of course happily-ever-afters.

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Can healing someone’s heart heal your own?

Gina Gray needs a kidney transplant and her amazing friends are on a mission to find her a donor. She is so tired of being sick and alone.     


Angel Ruiz is a loner with a scarred heart that began with homophobic parents years ago. 

When Gina meets Angel at her friends’ New Year’s Eve party she feels an instant bond. She sees Angel’s damaged heart and wonders if it is as weary as hers? 

And then she has an idea.


All Angel has to do is say yes.

Finding Forever JM Final.jpg

How do you suddenly find yourself in love with a friend? A much younger friend!


It had been six years since Stella Morris lost her wife. She was doing her best trying to navigate without her soulmate by teaching classes at the fitness center she owned with her two best friends. 


She knew she was spending too much time alone, so when a friend needed a favor she offered to go along. That favor turned into another and then another and suddenly Stella found herself falling for her much younger friend. 


If the age difference wasn’t enough to challenge this new relationship the surprising lack of support from her friends made it complicated. Then something amazing happened that no one expected.


Come along with Stella as she finds her forever love in the most unlikely place.


This is the third book in the Your Way Series. You’ll see familiar faces, but it can be read as a stand alone.

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How many life changing events can a brand new relationship stand?


Erin Evans is hoping the fourth time’s the charm in

her quest to have a baby. At forty-one she’s out of

time and doing this on her own. She knows the odds

of finding her happily-ever-after are slim, but she

wants to be a mother more than anything.


A semi-flirtatious conversation with a tall, fit,

dark-haired woman in the waiting room of her fertility

clinic gives Erin pause, which she attributes to hormones

until she comes out of her procedure to find the

alluring Desi Shaw still waiting.


What Desi does next surprises them both…


This is Book Two in the Your Way Series. Get yours now!

Each is a stand alone.

Soft line cover.jpg

Olivia King has had it. She's out of shape and tired of being alone. When she takes a tour of a fitness center, she had no idea how much she would gain while trying to lose.

Frankie Dean and her two best friends own Your Way, a place where fitness means more than improving your body.

Can Frankie lead Olivia through this journey to repair her self-image and discover her self-worth? And will Olivia give Frankie something she didn't know she'd lost.

This is the first novel in the Your Way Series. Each are stand alone but, you may see familiar faces and old friends.

It takes a miracle JM-Final.png

Is twenty-five years long enough to forget your first love?

Vanessa Perry’s summer visit to her grandparents is even better than her dreams when she meets and falls in love with Makenna Markus. The teenagers quickly make college plans and can’t wait for Vanessa’s next visit at Christmas.

But Vanessa’s mother has other ideas and does a terrible thing. Their lives will never be the same.

Do you believe in miracles? How about a Christmas miracle? Vanessa does. And twenty five years later her son, two entwined trees, and a Christmas Stroll just may be the Christmas miracle she always hoped for.


Alex Adams was living a quiet life as a bar owner on an island paradise. At least that's what she thought, until in walked Riley James. Her life would never be the same.

Riley James was looking forward to her friends’ wedding and the following two week vacation in paradise. She walked into a bar and her eyes locked with the bartender. She couldn’t look away.

What can happen in two weeks? Alex and Riley were about to find out.


But Alex had a secret. Would it end this love story before it even got started? It’s only two weeks.

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Leaving the tension and stress of the work week behind. Wynn finds her solace in paddle boarding.

She glides along the shore finding a novice paddler asking for help.

The mysterious and alluring Anna swirls her into a whirlpool of desire she may never escape.

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"Your books leave imprints on my heart"

"Your books are like coming out of the cold to a warm house with a roaring fire sitting down next to someone you love on the sofa with a Bailey's."

One Little Yes

"What a fantastic story so full of love. I think this book will be a favorite for many readers."

"I’m not even finished and by far this is my favorite book of Jamey Moody's that I’ve read!"

"Wow, love begins with a leap of faith and a little Yes!"

Finding Forever

"This is a wonderful story. I fell in love with Stella and Sofia."

"I want them to be my friends! What rich characters living their best lives together."

"Finding Forever is an adventure of love, to friendship and finding love again."

Finding Home

"Tasteful, sexy, charming!"

​"Powerful story of strong women who suffer the challenges of relationships, self-esteem issues, and finding the strength in truth and communication to accept the love they deserve. A very good read."

"This was a beautifully written story of seeing one’s own beauty within. 

Finding Family

"Best feel good story in a long time: a definite must read!

"It was so easy to get swept away into this story with such relatable characters."

"So much heart, love and loyalty from all sides."

It Takes A Miracle

"This would make a fabulous holiday movie!"

"You had me laughing and crying at the same time!"

Live This Love

"This book is an excellent escape from real life. The story of love is sweet and passionate; the characters come with important back stories that help to flesh out the book."

"Loved the setting for this book! The characters were relatable and likable and their love story was sweet and well paced."