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One night changes everything or does it?

Ella Gallaher wants to be taken seriously. She has lived a privileged life, but there’s more to her than shopping all day and partying all night. She wants a second chance at life to show she can make a difference.

She is well on her way to a meaningful career when Gia Augustino comes to live with her Aunt Dru. Ella finds a friend in Gia who sees her for the woman she wants to be. However, Gia’s determined to put a little fun back into Ella’s too-serious life.

One night at an industry conference for work, Ella and Gia make a spur-of-the-moment decision and their world is suddenly upended. Have they gone too far?

Will they lose the hard-earned respect of their families? But more importantly, will they lose each other?

This is the third book in the Second Chance Series. You’ll see familiar faces and Ella will need them all to get her second chance.



 What would you do for the woman you love?

 One great love. Two horrible mistakes.
Do second chances really exist?

The Lovers Landing Series

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