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When love dares to alter a carefully crafted life plan, does the heart win?


Addison Henry is the new bank president in small-town Brazos Falls, but she won’t be there long. This is merely a stepping stone on her career path that leads to headquarters and the CEO’s office.


Lissa Morgan came back to her hometown to help her family’s business. However, she is not giving up on love just because she happens to be one of the few gay women in town.


When Addison helps Lissa open a new account at the bank an instant friendship is born. Lissa is happy to help Addison navigate the ways of her small town and as they spend more time together something begins to happen to Addison’s heart.


She’s never been with a woman. She has no time for love. She’s on her way to the top. But her heart has another plan. What now?


Come along as this friends to lovers, toaster oven, age gap romance will warm your heart, along with Addison’s.

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What would  you do for the woman you love?

Dru Rae gave up everything to get away from her mafioso family. She disappeared with hopes they’d never find her. All she wanted was a quiet life with a few friends and the woman she knew in her heart was out there.


Marina Summit was an uber successful realtor in a thriving housing market. She gave someone two dates, if there wasn’t a spark then she moved on. Besides, she was too busy for love.


As a house stager on the first day of her new job, Dru was waiting to meet the realtor for a final walk through.


Marina was set to approve a new listing when she went to check on the house staging. She wasn’t prepared for what happened to her heart when she saw the woman at the top of the stairs.


Get your copy of The Woman at the Top of the Stairs and come along on a journey of passion and discovering what you would do for the woman you love.

One great love. Two horrible mistakes. Do second chances really exist?


Victoria Stratton tried to heal her broken heart by working. When she was focused on saving her father’s legacy she couldn’t think about Shelby Kimball. She knew it was too much to ask when suddenly five years ago Victoria’s father sent her to Japan to save the company. Shelby wouldn’t come with her, but now, she was coming home and prepared to do whatever it took to get another chance with Shelby.


It had been five long years since the love of Shelby Kimball’s life left for Japan without her. Five years of questioning why Shelby didn’t go with her. What she would give for a do over.


Out of the blue Victoria appears and asks Shelby to do the strangest thing: “Would you climb a mountain with me?”


Was this the second chance Shelby hoped for? Could they figure out what went wrong and do it right this time? Could they really climb this mountain and come back down together?


Find out if The Woman Who Climbed A Mountain gets her second chance at her one great love.

One night changes everything or does it?

Ella Gallaher wants to be taken seriously. She has lived a privileged life, but there’s more to her than shopping all day and partying all night. She wants a second chance at life to show she can make a difference.

She is well on her way to a meaningful career when Gia Augustino comes to live with her Aunt Dru. Ella finds a friend in Gia who sees her for the woman she wants to be. However, Gia’s determined to put a little fun back into Ella’s too-serious life.

One night at an industry conference for work, Ella and Gia make a spur-of-the-moment decision and their world is suddenly upended. Have they gone too far?

Will they lose the hard-earned respect of their families? But more importantly, will they lose each other?

This is the third book in the Second Chance Series. You’ll see familiar faces and Ella will need them all to get her second chance.



At a Texas lake resort, swimming in romance, an enemy ice queen thaws right into her Hollywood happy ending.

Krista Kyle knew how hard it was to be a closeted lesbian in Hollywood. Unfortunately being out and proud could affect your career. But after twenty years as an award winning actress Krista was able to be her authentic self in a world where being someone else was the norm.

With an opportunity to buy a lake resort with her best friend, Krista creates a safe place where those that weren’t yet ready to live openly in public can come with their partners and girlfriends and be themselves.

When a sleazy journalist, known for outing people, finds out about the hideaway Krista offers to show her what the resort really means and uncovers a secret that changes them both.

This is the first book in the Lovers Landing Series where celebrities find their true love in the most unlikely people.


When Krista Kyle’s world is turned upside down, there’s only one person that can save her.

First love is a mighty strong emotion. Krista knows this and has been given several chances over the years to have the life she dreamed of, but something always got in the way. 

Melanie Zimmer has loved Krista Kyle for over half her life. She now has the courage to do something about it. All she has to do is help Krista find hers and she knows just the place.

Does Lovers Landing still have the magic that brought them together over thirty years ago? Will Krista finally be brave enough to hold on to her true love?

This is the second book in The Lovers Landing Series. Come along on this first love, second chance romance and see if Krista and Melanie can find their courage in one another.

When the love you’ve been searching for magically appears in the most unexpected person.

Lauren Nichols' longtime marriage was over. She’d done what was expected, married her high school sweetheart, raised two great kids and now what? There had to be more to life than work. She wanted to share the passion she knew lived deep in her heart. 


When she meets the bigger-than-life award-winning actress Tara Holloway something kindles deep inside her.


Can passion pull Tara all the way from Hollywood to a small town Texas lake? Is this the true love they have both been seeking? And can love overcome distance, fame, and family objections? Or is this love so hot they both get burned?


Let’s go back  to Lovers Landing for another romance on the lake with Krista and friends. Can Lovers Landing cast it’s magical spell on Tara and Lauren? The truth is ...


How do you find something you didn’t know you’d lost?


Olivia King has had it. She's out of shape and tired of being alone. When she takes a tour of a fitness center, she had no idea how much she would gain while trying to lose.

Frankie Dean and her two best friends own Your Way, a place where fitness means more than improving your body.

Can Frankie lead Olivia through this journey to repair her self-image and discover her self-worth? And will Olivia give Frankie something she didn't know she'd lost.

This is the first novel in the Your Way Series. Each are stand alone but, you may see familiar faces and old friends.

It takes a miracle JM-Final.png

How many life changing events can a brand new relationship stand?


Erin Evans is hoping the fourth time’s the charm in

her quest to have a baby. At forty-one she’s out of

time and doing this on her own. She knows the odds

of finding her happily-ever-after are slim, but she

wants to be a mother more than anything.


A semi-flirtatious conversation with a tall, fit,

dark-haired woman in the waiting room of her fertility

clinic gives Erin pause, which she attributes to hormones

until she comes out of her procedure to find the

alluring Desi Shaw still waiting.


What Desi does next surprises them both…


This is Book Two in the Your Way Series. Get yours now!

Each is a stand alone.

How do you suddenly find yourself in love with a friend? A much younger friend!


It had been six years since Stella Morris lost her wife. She was doing her best trying to navigate without her soulmate by teaching classes at the fitness center she owned with her two best friends. 


She knew she was spending too much time alone, so when a friend needed a favor she offered to go along. That favor turned into another and then another and suddenly Stella found herself falling for her much younger friend. 


If the age difference wasn’t enough to challenge this new relationship the surprising lack of support from her friends made it complicated. Then something amazing happened that no one expected.


Come along with Stella as she finds her forever love in the most unlikely place.


This is the third book in the Your Way Series. You’ll see familiar faces, but it can be read as a stand alone.

Is twenty-five years long enough to forget your first love?

Vanessa Perry’s summer visit to her grandparents is even better than her dreams when she meets and falls in love with Makenna Markus. The teenagers quickly make college plans and can’t wait for Vanessa’s next visit at Christmas.

But Vanessa’s mother has other ideas and does a terrible thing. Their lives will never be the same.

Do you believe in miracles? How about a Christmas miracle? Vanessa does. And twenty five years later her son, two entwined trees, and a Christmas Stroll just may be the Christmas miracle she always hoped for.

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